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What You’ll Learn

We'll dive into your current organizational and talent strategy for talent acquisition, optimization, and performance. You'll learn the leadership strategies necessary to become a cybersecurity talent magnet, build individual and organizational resilience for high-performance teams, and reduce your organization's exposure through innovation, creativity, and smart risk taking.

Make Resilience Work

Understand the key elements of resilience and how to lead with them.

Take smart risks 

Get clear on the strategies and risks you need to be taking, and how to make better decisions.

Boost innovation

Follow our program to build high-performance with innovation and creativity.

Design productivity

Use our "build once, comply many" approach and IT functional design to get break-through cyber productivity

A Bit About Us

W Risk Group was formed in 2006 by former Microsoft CISO Karen Worstell to bring innovative yet practical approaches for high-performance solutions to clients who care about excellence in cybersecurity. Since 2017 the company focuses on the most important element of a sound cybersecurity strategy: Talent.

W Risk Group combines the expertise of a large expensive consultancy, with a personalized touch of a boutique firm. We help clients build, develop and retain "A"Team cyber organizations - because that's what it takes to stay ahead of the cybercrime wave.


Karen is a compelling communicator who has a great ability to develop and provide strategic direction within the business and amongst the leadership team. Her broad range of knowledge in Security and Compliance combined with her strengths makes her a key change agent for an organization. She drove positive change into the security program at AT&T Wireless in a very short period of time.

–V.P., Sr. Director, AT&T Wireless

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